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PRサバイバルガイド Public Relations Survival Guide

There are several on line resources for Public Relations available here PR Galleries


プレスキット Press Kits

イベント勧誘キット Event Solicitation Kits

インタビュー Interviews

When being interviewed by members of the press, or independent media producers it is important to maintain the distinction between Lucas Film and the 501st Legion. While we are typically happy to grant interviews requests for interviews need to be evaluated to make sure that we will not be put into a situation where we may be requested to speak on topics not related to the 501st. Legion.

Lucas Film has requested that when conducting an interview we do so with "buckets off" to make a clear delineation between our membership and the characters we portray. For example it's appropriate for us to discuss specific charity involvement as a member but not appropriate for Darth Vader to say that "XYZ Foundation" is his favorite charity.

Interview Tips

  • Buckets off: Identify yourself as a member of the 501st either by name or TK-ID.
  • Avoid controversial topics: No discussions of Religious or Political issues.
  • Promote the Legion is a favorable light.
  • Be Positive: Don't comment negatively on other Costuming Groups and Star Wars organizations.
  • We Build our own costumes: stress that our costumes are all fan made.

Talking Points

  • The Legion officially began in 1997.
  • We currently have over 5000 members.
  • The Legion currently occupies approximately 40 countries worldwide.
  • The 501st Legion is a totally volunteer organization
  • How do I join: Visit
  • Discuss your Garrison troops and accomplishments.
  • Discuss your Detachment
  • Mention Kids and Fun.
  • We don't "get paid to troop”: Mention our charitable contributions and activities.

Style Guide

Copyright and disclaimers

The rules are very simple.

  • No usage of copyrighted images (this means all art should be original or at the very least significantly altered from its original format).
  • Include 501st Legion logo and/or mention of the 501st Legion
  • Include the
  • Use the LFL official disclaimer when possible (see below)
  • Logos should remain unmodified (see logo usage below)
  • Include proper Legion member ID and photographer credit when using images.
Lucasfilm Disclaimer

The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it is Lucasfilm's preferred Imperial costuming group. Star Wars, its characters, costumes, and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. ©<insert current year here> Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™ All rights reserved. Used under authorization.

Short copyright notice

The following shorter disclaimer may be used on small items such as business cards and stickers where the longer disclaimer is too long and presents a problem with the composition.

Star Wars and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. ©<insert current year here> Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™ All rights reserved. Used under authorization.


EPS LOGOS (for Print): The following eps files are intended for PRINT USE, and work well in cases where the logo must be reproduced with sharp detail or at large sizes (such as banners or posters). Because the logo is usually seen on a dark background, the color versions of these eps files have a black box beneath the actual logo art. This black box may be deleted to accommodate the background of your choice. Because of the nature of vector art, these files may be used at any size. Always remember to resize proportionately. We strongly recommend the use of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator software to resize these files. the 501st Legion Logos are for use by The Legion Only. Command and Staff my down load the image files hfrom the Legion PR Forum. All other Legion members may request image files from their PR Officer or unit Command.

master_round_thumb.jpg master_round_thumb_gray.jpg master_round_thumb_bw.jpg

The color version of the Master Round Logo contains 3 colors (not counting white): red, black, and light gray.


master_banner_thumb.jpg master_banner_thumb_bw.jpg

The color version of the Master Banner Logo contains 2 colors (not counting white): red and black.


master_round_banner_thumb.jpg master_round_banner_thumb_b.jpg

The color version of the Master Round/Banner Logo contains 3 colors (not counting white): red, black, and light gray.


master_stacked_thumb.jpg master_stacked_thumb_bw.jpg

The color version of the Master Stacked Logo contains 2 colors (not counting white): red and black.


The files provided here are the ONLY formats that are currently authorized for use. Please do not alter or create your own versions of these logos. Because of obscurity of detail and text at smaller sizes, the Master Round logo itself should not be used in any situation where it appears smaller than 1/2" (1.27cm) including when used as part of the Master Round/Banner Logo.

Logo No No's
nodistortion.jpg nocolorchange.jpg noaddition.jpg nofunnyfx.jpg nofx.jpg notextchange.jpg noelements.jpg

Some other tips:

  • DO try to use the Master Banner Logo and Master Stacked Logo on dark backgrounds.
  • DO try to link back to through the image.
  • DO try to use the logo along as well as your unit logo.
  • DO NOT put the Legion logo too close to another logo. Try to maintain a clearance of 1/2 the vertical height on all sides.
  • DO NOT use excessive occurrences of any 501st logo on the same page.
  • DO NOT use the logo as a repeating pattern.


The 501st Legion logos use the following fonts and you should feel free to use these in conjunction with your project to keep a consistent 501st Legion theme:

フォント Fonts

The following fonts are generally used in the 501st Legion Publications and PR material. While other fonts may be used it is recommended that you submit a mock up of your PR material to the Legion Public Relations Officer if you are using nonstandard fonts. Vader's Fist


The Vader's Fist font was developed by Dean Plantamura TK-0899 and is for 501st Legion USE ONLY If you can't agree to this, then do not download the font! Legion Command has granted permission to release this font but under the rule that it is not to be distributed outside the Legion nor should it be used for non-Legion purposes. If you have any questions regarding usage, please contact the Legion Merchandise and Branding Officer.

There are many characters in this font, and I tried to accommodate many of our non-English members by including "foreign" characters. You will also find many different types of trooper shapes which provide alternate characters so you don't have to use the same trooper for words with repeating letters. There are 2 special characters for the "ON" combination of letters to match the way we display the word LEGION in our banner logo.

It really helps to have some kind of software to pick specific characters. There is a function of Adobe Illustrator, for example, called "Glyphs" so you don't have to know the specific keystroke.

The PC equivalent of a Glyphs palette is Character Map. You might find it in Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map. You may need to type Unicode to get specific characters.

Click here for the Aurebesh translation chart.

Promotional Material - Resources

Back Drop Frame Construction PVC Back Drop


Q. I need a photo to give to an event host for their flier?

A. Use one in this folder (link to specific section in the PR Gallery) and be sure to tell them to include the photo credit when they go to print

Q. I want to print personal business cards with my name, TK and garrison logo, do I really need to get approval?

Q. 私の名前、TKID、部隊ロゴの入った個人的なビジネスカードを印刷したいです。承認が必要ですか?

A. Yes

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